Genetic Counseling Research and Education Endowed Fund

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Genetic Counseling Research and Education Endowed Fund

The University of Texas Genetic Counseling Program, housed at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center UTHealth Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in partnership with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth, supports its students in every way possible. In addition to providing students with a top-tier education and experience in the world’s largest medical center, we offer them as much financial support as possible. 

Unfortunately, our funding is often limited. That is why we have set out to establish the Genetic Counseling Research and Education Endowed Fund to provide financial support in perpetuity for students in the genetic counseling program. Currently, our students bear the vast majority of the financial responsibility for their thesis research projects – which may mean paying out-of-pocket for expenses like transcription services, computer programs, printing and mailing services, and participation incentives. Gifts to this endowed fund will offset these costs for students, allowing them more freedom in deciding which projects to pursue. In addition, these donations will provide financial support for students to attend annual conferences, like the National Society of Genetic Counselors meeting and the Texas Society of Genetic Counselors (TSGC) meeting, both of which provide incredible networking opportunities and allow students to make career-defining connections. Each year, we send both first and second year students to the annual TSGC meeting, and in 2007, we were able to send a group of second year students to the national conference. Donor generosity allows our students to take advantage of this opportunity, propelling them into the world of professional genetic counselors. 

Our main goal is to increase alumni participation in support of our students through the establishment of the Genetic Counseling Research and Education Endowed Fund. With help from alumni donors, this source of renewing funds that will live on in perpetuity will provide opportunities for our students to pursue research projects and attend conferences in support of their education for years to come. Donations to this endowed fund will also allow the program to grow as we look ahead to the future of genetic counseling. Help us recognize the accomplishments and achievements of our future genetic counselors by making a gift today.

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