El Paso Nutrition and Healthy Weight Clinic

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El Paso Nutrition and Healthy Weight Clinic

The Center for Community Health Impact (CCHI) at the UTHealth Houston School of Public Health El Paso is proud to announce the grand opening of the new, state-of-the-art El Paso Nutrition and Healthy Weight Clinic! 

The El Paso Nutrition and Healthy Weight Clinic (NHWC) is designed to increase the access of both patients and their providers to approaches that medically address obesity in the Paso del Norte region of Texas. Obesity is classified as a disease – a dysregulation of how calories are stored in the body. Our scientific, evidenced-based approaches can help to treat obesity and delay the onset of serious conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke, kidney disease, liver disease, and cancer. 

NHWC will serve patients and providers with a deep understanding of the unique ethnic and racial makeup of the Paso del Norte community by removing language barriers, offering customized solutions for cultural food preferences and dietary habits, and tending to the known risk for chronic diseases such as diabetes and liver disease.  

NHWC is the first obesity management program in an academic medical setting in El Paso, Texas. We will educate the community to support healthy lifestyles by offering:

  • Evidence-based medical treatment of obesity and related nutrition support to patients, including:
    • Utilizing the Small Changes nutrition software support program that providers can offer to their patients that allows them to design their own meal plan that is tailored to a calorie level that will lead to weight loss
    • Hosting the Sabrosa Vida culinary arts nutrition program that is designed to make cooking fun and easy while being aligned with their family traditions
    • Facilitating Acceptance Based Behavioral Therapy support groups tp help patients develop behavioral and psychological strategies to support weight loss
    • Promoting the Culinary Medicine program to teach culinary arts and nutrition to healthcare professionals
    • Sponsoring the Healthy Celebrations interactive program to help families and organizations plan fun celebrations that support healthy lifestyles

  • Student and provider training through CME courses and on-site mentoring opportunities that support providers in addressing key aspects of obesity management, including: 
    • lifestyle review
    • weight and diet history
    • family history
    • medical history and physical exams relevant to obesity
    • review of current medications (which may contribute to weight gain)
    • recommendations for pharmacotherapy treatment of obesity

  • Increased access to clinical trials through the CCHI Translational Research Core

Our mission is to provide qualitycompassionate, culturally-appropriate and integrated care to vulnerable populations throughout the Paso del Norte region of Texas. With a gift of support today, you can help the El Paso Nutrition and Healthy Weight Clinic make a lasting difference in improving the health of our community for years to come. Thank you for your generosity!

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