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MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School Class of 2022

As our graduates walk across the stage, we celebrate the culmination of years of preparation and hard work that led to this day. By making a gift in honor of the Class of 2022, you provide support to help future students reach this important milestone for years to come.

MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School Class of 2022

As we celebrate the Class of 2022 at MD Anderson UTHealth Graduate School, a new cohort of biomedical science professionals is preparing to embark on the journey of a lifetime. All their years of preparation and hard work have led to this moment. 

Donor support has helped our students reach this milestone—whether by providing scholarships that reduced our students’ debt load, support that enhanced our educational environment, or funds that provided opportunities to explore biomedical research.

Please consider helping our school continue to offer these opportunities to future students by making a gift in honor of the Class of 2022. Your gift to the Student Assistance Fund can provide financial aid to deserving students, while your support of the Dean’s Excellence Fund can advance initiatives in education and student research throughout the school. A gift towards the Michael R. Blackburn, PhD, Research Accelerator Fund will support research funding for years to come while simultaneously honoring the legacy of Dean Blackburn and his commitment to students.  

We hope you will take a moment to make a gift to celebrate the hard work of these students and champion their futures as exceptional biomedical science professionals who will help improve care for our families, friends, and neighbors for years to come.

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