MMS Organization of Family and Friends

Thanks to donors like you, we've raised $2,150 and counting! Donate today and help the MMS Organization of Family and Friends provide assistance for medical students for years to come.

MMS Organization of Family and Friends

Embracing the ideals of community and fellowship for over 30 years, the Organization of Family and Friends has created a unique network of togetherness in the McGovern Medical School community. Hosting fun social events throughout the year and providing financial support through short-term loans and scholarships ultimately upholds and advances these student's potential and long-term contributions to the community--the main goal of this important organization.

One of the most exciting (and delicious!) events hosted by MMS Family and Friends are "Finals Feasts," which have been a special tradition for over 30 years. Parents in the organization donate food and money to provide evening meals for the first- and second-year students during their fall and spring final exams. As well as providing a delicious meal for tired and hungry students, these events also allow parents to meet one another as well as their student's friends. Through the Emergency Loan Fund, the organization can provide short-term loans up to $2,000 to medical students who have found themselves stretched by unexpected expenses. MMS Family and Friends also provides financial support to cover the cost of bus transportation to and from the annual Freshman Retreat. Twice-yearly MMS Family and Friends meetings bring together school personnel and parents in a social, yet informative, setting to discuss ways to continue supporting the student body.

While membership is free to parents of all MMS students, raising money to continue supporting the organization's efforts is vital. Your support, whether it be financially or as an advocate in the community, allows MMS Family and Friends to provide assistance in many ways to our most valued assets, our students. We appreciate your consideration in helping us make that happen!

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